3 in 1 Charcoal BBQ Smoker AND Charcoal Chimney – Lets You Smoke and Roast and Charcoal Grill

$99.00 $93.25


Here’s a 3 in 1 SUPER-COMPACT BBQ and Smoker – AND a Charcoal Grill – coupled with a Stainless steel Charcoal Chimney Fire Starter

Charcoal – is the HANDS DOWN winner in the BBQ taste race?

Once upon a time – Aussies just used flat-plate grills to cook their steaks and sausages. It was all we knew back then. It was called BBQ, but was really just frying or grilling – done outside.

Then – way back in the mid-1970’s Weber transformed the way people cooked – by introducing the Weber BBQ Kettle. Their round kettle (later widely copied) used Charcoal; in one of two ways – (Direct & Indirect) – up until that time, MOST Aussies had NEVER even tried Charcoal for BBQ-ing.

NOW – here’s a compact, 3 in 1 Charcoal Barbecue Package; that allows you to:

  • Roast (larger items).
  • Smoke (almost anything).
  • Charcoal – Direct cook (smaller cuts).

It’s small enough to fit into your ute tray – yet still offers 38 cm of cooking space on the top rack.

When you use it for – Direct cooking – for smaller cuts like steaks, chops and cuts of chicken and pork – you are cooking directly over the coals (hence the name).

One of the benefits of this method is that the fat drips DIRECTLY onto the coals – creating fantastic flavours and aromas.

Some people may TELL you that their Gas BBQ’s are tops for flavour – but Charcoal truly delivers maximum flavour!

While there’s certainly a place for propane (or gas) fired BBQ’s (I do have one), to a great extent you lose most of those aromas and flavours – because the fat from the meat simply CANNOT be allowed to drip onto the gas jets (otherwise they get dirty and block up).

Want to TASTE the difference with Charcoal cooking. Look for a Charcoal chicken store in your area – and take one home. You will LOVE the taste and flavour difference!

Charcoal fired BBQ’s are still #1 for aroma and flavour – in fact, in the USA among the serious BBQ pro’s – who hold Competitions; you’ll never see a single propane “barby” at all!

This unit is value priced – and I can deliver it to any door in Australia for just $93.25