60 ml Stainless Steel – Marinade Injector.

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When Marinading Meat You Need The Highest Quality & Largest Capacity

Why Pay MORE – to get a SMALL; Low-Quality Injector?

Check Our Size = 60 Mls (not 30)

Guaranteed Moist Tasty BBQ or Roast Meat

JUMBO 60 ml Marinade INJECTOR – $23.87

TWICE the size of the 30 ml Competitor units!

Here’s what one customer said:

Steve, I have been experimenting with Smokers, Webers, Rubs for around 4

years now. I have read about marinade injectors in all of the US BBQ Books

and websites but I have never tasted anything like the Leg of Pork using your

recipe and the injectors as we did last night, it was spectacular! I look

forward to trying a few more of your recipes and the injectors.

Many thanks, Dave J.

Used for YEARS by Pro BBQers and Chefs overseas – now available in Australia!

BAN – dry tasteless roast and BBQ meat – forever!

Injectors – (basically High Quality Big Bore Syringes with heavy gauge needles), allow you to pump whatever flavours you want PLUS mega moisture – right throughout the meat!

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