Fantastic Christmas Gift Idea – Full Stainless STEEL – X-Type Folding BBQ – Truly Limited Stocks

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This Briefcase BBQ is the best that money can buy. It’s made from Stainless steel – so will last you many, many, YEARS.

This Briefcase BBQ is the best that money can buy; , made from full Stainless steel – so it will last you many, many, YEARS.

It’s the best SUPER-COMPACT way to BBQ too.

Fuelled by Charcoal so it’s the HANDS DOWN winner in the BBQ taste race?

Once upon a time – (70’s and up) Aussies just used flat-plate grills to cook their steaks and sausages. It was called B but was really just frying or grilling – done outside.

Then – way back in the mid-1970’s Weber transformed the way people cooked – with the Weber BBQ Kettle. Their round BBQ kettle (later widely copied) used Charcoal; in one of two ways – up until that time, most Aussies had NEVER tried Charcoal for BBQ-ing.

NOW – here’s a compact, folding Charcoal Barbecue in Stainless steel.

It’s small enough to fold up and carry in your boot – or ute tray – yet offers a surprising amount of cooking space.

Best of all it uses the:

Direct cooking – method (for smaller cuts like steaks, chops, and cuts of chicken and pork) – you are cooking directly over the coals (hence the name).

One of the benefits is that the fat drips DIRECTLY onto the coals – creating fantastic flavors and aromas.

While there’s a place for propane (or gas) fired BBQ’s (I do have one), to a great extent you lose most of those aromas and flavours – the fat from the meat simply CANNOT be allowed to drip onto the gas jets (otherwise they get dirty and block up).

Would you like to try out the difference with Charcoal cooking? If so – look for a Charcoal Chicken store in your area – and take one home. You will LOVE the flavour difference! (Please note though that this BBQ is too small for whole chickens; but perfectly fine for all cuts of meat.

Charcoal fired BBQ’s are still #1 for aroma and flavour – in fact, in the USA among the serious BBQ pro’s – who hold BBQ Competitions; you’ll never see a single propane “barby” in the comps at all!

BUT – how do you get one of these Charcoal BBQ’s lit up FAST?

It’s really simple – a low-cost BBQ Charcoal Starter Chimney. They can be used with either real “Lump Charcoal” – or the pressed coal – “Bead” type fuels.

And in one hit – a BBQ Charcoal Starter Chimney solves the two issues – very SIMPLY.

First off – it makes getting the fuel lit, totally fail-safe – with a pellet-type fire lighter; you are guaranteed a fire.

Secondly – they dramatically accelerate light-up times, using the updraft principle.

Once you have dropped (and lit) 2 – 3 pellets under the Charcoal or bead type fuel – just walk away – and return after 30 minutes; when your fuel will be ready to tip onto your BBQ.

One of theseBBQ Charcoal Starter Chimneys returns the pleasures of Charcoal BBQ-ing.

To get them started there are a number of fire-starter pellets on the market (and you can even use scrunched up balls of paper).

Personally, I prefer to use an all-natural wax and fiber based pellet; with the brand name – Samba (at Bunnings). These totally remove the kerosene smell that

This Briefcase BBQ is the best that money can buy. It’s made from Stainless steel – so will last you many, many, YEARS.

other pellets have.

OK, so now I hope that I have encouraged you – to get back into Charcoal cooking – to get into full-flavored BBQ cooking.

Perhaps – you have never owned a Charcoal BBQ? What better time to explore – that BIG BBQ taste?

This Briefcase BBQ is the best that money can buy. It’s made from Stainless steel – so will last you many, many, YEARS. (Note that Stainless will partially “Blue” after it has been exposed to heat.

All that – in full Stainless quality for a limited time.

Pay only $89.27