BBQ Meat Claws – Use Them For Pulled and Shredded Slow Cooked Roast Pork and Barbecued Beef

$10.96 $9.10


Noticed How Popular Slow Cooked Pulled Pork or Pulled Beef Has Become on TV?

KFC and Subway – Are BOTH Selling Pulled Pork Rolls Now!

BUT – the Americans have been doing it for decades!

NOW – To Do It Properly – You Need to Get a Good Grip On The Hot Meat!

This Set of Two Meat Claws Grabs the Meat – Giving You Full Control

Use Them to Pull Meat Apart – or Even Hold It With Total Safety

While You Remove It From The BBQ or Oven Or While Slicing It

Only $9.95 – Posted FREE – anywhere in Australia