Quality – Barbecue Hamburger Meat Patty Maker Press – Instant Round BBQ Burger Patties (Last two)

$37.95 $19.95


There’s Always a Place For Quick Take-Away

BUT – Home-made Hamburgers Just CANNOT Be Beaten!

It’s Because YOU Choose the Ingredients – AND Meat Quality

Now – You Can Make Perfect & Economical Burgers in Seconds – Two at a Time!

Use That Family Recipe That Never Fails – Along With This Press and Your Patties Will Be Nice and Uniform;

They Will Also Help The Family Budget – By Stretching Your Meat Dollar Further!

Have Loads of Fun – With Recipes From Good Old Google Too!

Patties made at home are great – but their thickness and shape is usually all over the shop!

And – the excess thickness means that they take longer to cook – and then they don’t really fit onto Hamburgers very well?

This quality tool will last for years – and single-handedly eliminates all of the downside of cooking patties, rissoles – or burgers – leaving only the positives!

At this stage I really do only have VERY Limited Stocks – so get yours now!