Top seller – Cheese Tomato and Bacon Sausage premix

$13.25 $12.32


Use this Premix – to easily make your own Cheese Tomato and Bacon Sausage at home

The 500g pack simply mixes with 1 Litre ice-water and 4.5 Kg of whatever meat you choose – to make 6 Kg of sausage.

Use top quality store-bought cuts of meat – even quality mince and you’ll create 6 Kg of gourmet sausage in your home kitchen.

Don’t forget if you don’t already have them – you will need some casings too.

Enjoy the sense of achievement to be had by making your own sausages at home.

Because YOU choose the meat quality – what you make will be streets ahead of most of the sausage available today.

Only $12.32 with Free EXPRESS postage (not express to PO Boxes)