FREE SAUSAGE EQUIPMENT with this 3 Litre Stainless Stuffer Filler – Make Sausage, Salami etc

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When making sausage on a smaller scale – Sausage-makers often use machines like the Sunbeam or Kenwood type Mincer/Grinders (also on Ebay) to stuff their sausages.

But when you use them you will find one drawback because they have an auger inside – they can tend to “moosh” the meat. The auger also slows down the operation of the unit; because it gets in the way of meat flow.

If you want to make home-sausage in any volume, you will want to fill casings more quickly than your electric mincer allows. This is the point at which sausage makers switch to using a specialist device called a Sausage Stuffer.

These machines are simple hollow cylinders, into which you place the sausage meat mix. A piston (in this case hand cranked) gently forces the meat paste out of a nozzle, directly into the sausage casing.

The advantages of this type of device are much higher speed filling without hassle – and smooth operation with NO smearing of meat and fat particles.

  • This makes for much higher quality Sausages or Salami, Pepperoni, Kabana etc. It is the choice of stuffing tool for serious sausage makers.
  • The unit offered is made with a high quality stainless steel barrel and piston-rod and quality polished food grade alloy piston.
  • The 3 Litre size makes it versatile and easy to use.
  • It will fit easily on a bench or table-top; it is light (and easy to stow away).
  • It features a silicone piston ring – for great flow characteristics and easy clean-up.
  • The cylinder simply swivels out of the way – so that you can reload it with meat during operation.
  • FOUR stainless nozzle sizes: 16 mm, 22 mm and 32, and 38 mm.
  • Top value pricing.

So – no matter which way you look at it; from quality, size, features, and price this is the machine that ticks all of the boxes.

Now – if that’s where I left you – it would be a great machine to just buy outright!

But I won’t leave it there! In my EXCLUSIVE package; I will also give you access to 2 x FREE E-books (as downloads).

This package currently sells on EBay for $19:95 (this price on Ebay – is for the info in CD format).

The downloadble E-Books (PDF’s) are called:

Sizzling Sausage 1 – the Basics and Beyond
Sizzling Sausage 2 – Advanced Sausage Styles

Two Ebooks with a total of 104 pages of Sausage-making information – including sausage recipes.

I WILL also include:

  • 2 x 30 mm Sausage Casings – value $18.99
  • 500 grams Imperial Beef Pre-mix (or your choice) – value $16.00
  • 210 ml Hickory Liquid Smoke – value $19.40
    TOTAL value = $54.39

So – the entire package:

  • 3 Litre Sausage Stuffer,
  • Two x 30 mm Collagen Sausage Casings
  • 1 x Imperial Beef sausage pre-mix (makes 7.75 Kg) and
  • 210 ml Liquid Smoke


2 x E-Books (downloadable) for just $184.10

Post FREE – to any door in Australia