CLEARANCE – Commercial Grade Mesquite Liquid Smoke

$19.40 $18.04


FREE Post – All Natural & 100% Pure Aussie – made Commercial Grade Mesquite Liquid Smoke

Highest Quality 210 mls Liquid Smoke

REAL Wood Smoke – Meat & BBQ Additive

Contains carefully distilled REAL Wood smoke

Instantly add wonderful smokey flavour to BBQ or Roast Meat!

ECONOMICAL – just 1/4 – 1/2 tsp per Kg of meat – or to taste.

Lasts for ages!

Ideal for use in BBQ’s, Roasts, Gravy, Homemade Wood Oven Style Pizza, Sausage-making, Jerky and Ham & Bacon making.

Excellent for use with my Marinade Injectors too; these allow you to pump your BBQ and Roast meat with that wonderful smokey flavour!