Beef prices – 25% increase in the past 12 months

Sources monitoring meat prices have noted that beef has risen by as much as 25% in recent times. As a result butchers have noticed a drop in beef sales, as consumers attempt to maximise the value in their meat spend dollar. The Meat and Livestock Association says Australia’s beef consumption has dropped by around 3 Kg per annum.

This has triggered a swing towards the cheaper protein sources – like chicken and pork. ┬áThe Australian Bureau of statistics reports beef prices averaging $19.34 per kilogram, compared to $5.30 per kilogram for chicken.

A stand-out – where butchers have noticed an anomaly is in the ┬ásales of cabinet displayed dry-aged beef; where customers will accept prices to $60 per kilogram. These high quality meats also have a “story” and a location that customers can appreciate and will pay more for.