Aussies = we just LOVE our lamb

Aussies eat around 627 Kg of lamb in their lives. In 2013; we ate 220,000 tonnes – that’s more than the weight of the entire Sydney Opera House! Meat and livestock Australia conducted a poll of 1118 Australians, 70% reported that they believed that lamb was our national meat. And 50% of the Australians polled said that they cooked a lamb roast or lamb chops, once per week.

In 2014 – our national flock was estimated to be 73.1 million head – tipped to rise to 77 million by 2020. Lamb has changed over the years, with new cuts like backstrap, driven by interest from immigrants like the Greeks, Arabians and Persians.

Marketers are focusing on revisions of the traditional lamb consumer message – in a push to improve consumption from a spring only theme; to a year round message.

We spend $46 week on meat….

A new national survey conducted by Galaxy Research, has reported that the average Australian family spends $46 week on cook at home meat. We are still a nation of meat-lovers; spending to $378 Million per week. The breakdown shows that 47% of Australians prefer chicken, 31% beef and 14% lamb.

About half of those canvassed said that they were likely to use slow cookers for cheaper cuts.Aussies are still looking for value without having to compromise. Nine out of ten of those surveyed indicated that Aussie grown meat was important to them.

Beef prices – 25% increase in the past 12 months

Sources monitoring meat prices have noted that beef has risen by as much as 25% in recent times. As a result butchers have noticed a drop in beef sales, as consumers attempt to maximise the value in their meat spend dollar. The Meat and Livestock Association says Australia’s beef consumption has dropped by around 3 Kg per annum.

This has triggered a swing towards the cheaper protein sources – like chicken and pork. ┬áThe Australian Bureau of statistics reports beef prices averaging $19.34 per kilogram, compared to $5.30 per kilogram for chicken.

A stand-out – where butchers have noticed an anomaly is in the ┬ásales of cabinet displayed dry-aged beef; where customers will accept prices to $60 per kilogram. These high quality meats also have a “story” and a location that customers can appreciate and will pay more for.