Aussies = we just LOVE our lamb

Aussies eat around 627 Kg of lamb in their lives. In 2013; we ate 220,000 tonnes – that’s more than the weight of the entire Sydney Opera House! Meat and livestock Australia conducted a poll of 1118 Australians, 70% reported that they believed that lamb was our national meat. And 50% of the Australians polled said that they cooked a lamb roast or lamb chops, once per week.

In 2014 – our national flock was estimated to be 73.1 million head – tipped to rise to 77 million by 2020. Lamb has changed over the years, with new cuts like backstrap, driven by interest from immigrants like the Greeks, Arabians and Persians.

Marketers are focusing on revisions of the traditional lamb consumer message – in a push to improve consumption from a spring only theme; to a year round message.