Cuts – for meat’s tougher times

In the now record beef high price period, beef’s secondary cuts are becoming far more attractive to consumers. Secondary cuts are cuts that have been traditionally associated with slow cookers. But there’s a range that some may have overlooked?

These lesser-known cuts have been enjoyed by Europeans and South Americans for generations and go by the name of: Onglet, Flat iron, Skirt or Flank steak. Take a few extra minutes and ask at your local smaller butcher.

Onglet is well known and popular across Europe. It is best cooked fast (& hot); with a long rest afterwards. Flat iron – is another surpise and comes from the Oyster blade. Once all of the silverskin and gristle is removed – it is delicous and tender (and often well marbled) – and might just give Scotch fillet a run. Best slow charcoal grilled on the BBQ. Grill it to medium – then cut across the grain for a truly amazing taste experience.

And Flank – known in France as Bavette; also needs a good slow char-grill – best enjoyed medium rare to rare. As you can see there is a whole world of taste outside the traditional T-bone or Rump steak?